Bulldog blares horn for several minutes like a true SUV driver

It is unclear whether he also blasted some Limp Bizkit

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Eureka, California resident Ryan Burns had had about enough of this asshole blaring his horn for three minutes straight on Monday and marched outside his office building to investigate.

'Oh, a white SUV, of course,' he thought, already imagining the Oakley and cut-off jorts-wearing man behind the wheel.

On closer inspection however, it turned out to be a dog who was suffering road rage.

"I went down there thinking I'm going to mean mug the guy doing this," Burns said. "When I saw the dog I immediately thought this was hilarious."

He took a video of the dog, who persisted in beeping the horn even as Burns approached the car, and later posted it on his company's website.

The 39-year-old insisted that the dog was only left alone for a few minutes and it was not a hot day. He just really loves to honk that horn.

It is unclear whether the dog also blasted some Limp Bizkit.