Channing Tatum likes exactly the YouTube videos you would expect (probably)

From slow jams to parkour

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I'm not saying Channing Tatum can be summed up in four YouTube videos but boy, Channing Tatum can really be summed in four YouTube videos.

The actor's email address prefix was recently revealed via the Sony hack to be the quite abstract 'PoeticalMotion', and Gawker has unearthed a YouTube account with the very same monicker.

What are the five very Tatumian videos it has liked in its five-year history?

1. A sex songs megamix

2. A Jodeci slow jam

3. A parkour highlights reel set to EDM


Of course, there's every chance this is a different 'PoeticalMotion', but you couldn't have picked four more apt videos for the 22 Jump Street star yourself, and on Google+ the same account is friends with Tatum's Foxcatcher co-star Marc Ruffalo.

An easy man to pin down, this follows the world's complete lack of surprise at how the actor writes emails.