Deceased Georgina Chervony Lloren attends her own wake as family sit her body in rocking chair

Ms Lloren has become the latest resident of San Juan to attend her own funeral

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An 80-year-old Puerto Rican woman was a guest at her own wake, after her daughter placed her mother's body centre stage in her favourite rocking chair.

Georgina Chervony Lloren, from San Juan, Puerto Rico, had told her daughter she wanted to be a part of her own wake.

So when Ms Lloren died of natural causes on Sunday, her daughter Miriam Chervony dressed her mother in her wedding gown from her second marriage and sat her in a rocking chair for the duration of the gathering.

The wake was held at Marin Funeral Home in San Juan, which is well-known for putting on unusual, thematic wakes.

At one wake, 23-year-old boxer Christopher Rivera was memorialised standing in a makeshift boxing ring. Mr Rivera had reportedly told his family he wanted his funeral to pay homage to his boxing career.

Angel Pantoja Medina asked his relatives to keep him standing next to his coffin in his mother's home in San Juan during his wake.

At another in the same area, David Morales Colon was propped up on his motorcycle after asking his family to have his body dressed up in his biking outfit and placed on his Honda CBR600.

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