Doctor Who wedding: Dalek in a bow tie helps couple renew their marriage vows

The vicar told the couple to kiss at the end of the ceremony, or else they'd be exterminated

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While some couples renew their vows in the serenity of a Caribbean island, a couple from Kent opted for a church wedding, with an extra-terrestrial cyborg in a bow tie as the best man.

Doctor Who-obsessed NHS workers Paul and Joanne Seymour renewed their vows at the St Peter and St Paul Church in Gravesend on 2 August, where a Dalek was entrusted with the bride’s wedding ring, and the couple walked down the aisle to the theme tune of the popular BBC show.

Paul, a maternity manager at Darent Valley Hospital, donned a Matt Smith-inspired fez, and a long, multi-coloured knitted scarf like Tom Baker’s.

Despite the intimidating best man, there was still room for romance at the ceremony.

"You look just as beautiful today as you did when I first met you and I wanted to ask you just one more time, will you marry me?" Paul asked Joanne as he bent down on one knee, according to the Darent Valley Hospital Facebook page.

After Joanne accepted Paul's proposal, Revered Herbert invited the couple to kiss or "be exterminated".

The couple’s friends and family later joined them at a reception in a marquee festooned with Doctor Who memorabilia, including a tardis, cybermen, and daleks.

The Seymours plan to auction their collectibles to raise money in aid of the Little Buds Fund at the Darent Valley Hospital, which is used to support babies born with illnesses.