For £10,000 you can get a full body tattoo of a nightmarish clown

In case you wanted to look like a morph suit forever

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Around Halloween time I get a lot of promo stunt press releases, but this one proposes a pretty interesting idea.

Morph suits clearly indicate you as the massive jerk at the party, so if for some reason you want to give off this vibe 24/7 for the rest of your life, you can now got one tattooed.

Morph Costumes are offering customers the chance to get any of their morph suit designs inked on their bodies for a flat fee of £10,000 (they really should wave this and do it for free, the publicity would be good and people have sold their skin as advertising space before).

Designs include Power Ranger, killer clown, Slender Man and classics like all-over purple.

Anyone who actually wants to get this done needs to go to the 'contact us' section of the company's website and send them a message form with 'to be converted to MorphTattoo' in the comments section.

Drop us an email while you're at it, I'm dying to see someone with a full body sexy pirate tattoo.