Good Samaritans lift car off trapped elderly man

Watch: Uplifting footage was captured on CCTV in eastern China

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Amazing footage has captured the moment when a crowd of good Samaritans lifted a car off a trapped cyclist, saving the elderly man’s life.

The video shows the elderly cyclist being knocked off his bicycle as he attempts to cross the road in Anhei province, eastern China.

Caught on CCTV overlooking the busy junction, the white vehicle appears initially unaware of the collision and continues moving forward with the old man underneath the bonnet, before running over him and trapping him beneath the car.

A policeman who witnessed the incident said: “I saw the accident happen just two metres away from a zebra crossing. When I got to him I found he was trapped under the car.

“I alerted the businessman nearby and the passing taxi drivers who took the initiative to stop. Together we lifted the car and helped the elderly man out.”

The unnamed man was later taken to hospital and is reported to be in a stable condition.