Google Maps is showing London Tube stations as NYC subway stops

'Engineering problems on the Google line' were reported by the search giant

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A glitch in Google Maps (still live at time of writing) has turned the iconic London Tube signs into the Metro symbols found on New York's subway system.

It is affecting stations across London, regardless of whether you view Maps on desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

The glitch, showing 'M's for Metro where the round icons used to be, is unlikely to cause too much confusion among commuters but looks pretty bizarre all the same.

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Google saw the funny side of the error, telling IBTimes: "The are currently engineering works on the Google Line. Normal services will be resumed shortly."

Back on April Fool's Day, the company hid 150 Pokemon in its maps as a prank, later sending out official Google 'Pokemon Master' business cards to users who managed to locate all of the creatures.