Grandad's passport picture photobombed by 2001 era Atomic Kitten

Pensioner ignored the 'no girl groups in shot' border agency guidelines

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Imagine this man's confusion when his attempts to get a new passport picture ended not in a strip of clinical portraits but a collage of 90s girl band Atomic Kitten complete with himself as a fourth member.

The image, posted on Twitter by his granddaughter Ceara Thacker, poses some important questions:

1. Where is this wondrous machine printing photos of waning pop groups?

2. Why hasn't it been updated to include a more recent iteration of Atomic Kitten?

3. Does the grandad know what Atomic Kitten is?

4. Is this part of a series which also sees him pictured with A1 and Another Level?

5. Why did that deep red hair with platinum blonde streak hairstyle go out of fashion?

"My grandad went to get a passport pic but accidentally got one with Atomic Kitten on he look so confused im screaming," (sic) Caera wrote alongside the image.

"Can't even cope my whole family was in stitches laughing!!!"