Australian five-star hotel offers up 'grilled Aborigine' on its menu due to an unfortunate typo

Moroccan Aborigine salad, anyone?

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A five-star hotel in Australia accidentally offered up a 'Grilled Moroccan Aborigine and Rocket Salad' on its lunchtime menu, due to an unfortunate spelling error.

The unusual misspelled aubergine salad was spotted by Liz Foschia, a journalist for ABC News, at the Hyatt Hotel in Canberra.

Tweeting the picture of the unsual typo card, an over-eager social media worker replied, but still failing to spot the typo.

The Hyatt Concierge customer service Twitter account quickly replied, writing: "Definitely a unique menu option! Hope it's as good as it is complicated :) Have a fabulous day at Hyatt Canberra."

Whether or not Hyatt employees have some sort of problem spelling the word 'aubergine' we don't know, but the response only got Foschia's message more attention, with many more users pouring in to mock the mispelling.