Gruesome footage shows man cut open a giant snake to reveal an undigested giant snake

Now that is what you call a heavy lunch

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A gruesome video that shows a giant snake being cut open to reveal another massive snake inside its stomach has gone viral.

The seven-minute clip emerged last week and shows the snake being cut open by a man holding a machete.

Using the blade, the man slices open the snake’s swollen belly to reveal the undigested remains of another massive snake.

The man then continues to cut the gigantic reptile until he is able to create a hole big enough to pull the remains fully out of the stomach.

Warning: This video contains footage some people might find distressing

Snakes are well known for their ability to digest prey that appears to be too big for them to swallow.

Their flexible jaws allow them get their mouth around prey and its vertebral column compresses and contracts like a wave to force the food down.

The digestive system, which shuts down between meals, is then put into overdrive, with its organs swelling to three or four times their natural size so that they can produce the enzymes to break the food. In the past, there have been reports of snakes swallowing creatures such as cows, crocodiles and even humans.

The origin of the video has yet to be discovered but it has gone viral being shared across social media sites.

On the website WorldStarHipHop, where the video first appeared on Friday, it has been viewed 750,000 times already.