'Heavy metal construction' is the motivational DIY video you never knew you needed

Mixing grout with Slayer

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Combine sledgehammers and disc saws with Slayer and windmilling and you have one of the most metal videos ever to grace YouTube.

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The unnamed man in the video windmills as he operates an impact driver, windmills as he uses as a jackhammer and even windmills as he mixes grout, proving that literally no situation can't be improved with a little Slayer.

The video of the headbanging construction worker has already drawn hundreds of thousands of views, with one YouTube user declaring: "This is also how I make breakfast in the morning."

Windmilling probably wouldn't make it past healthy and safety guidelines on a building site, such is its dizzying effect, and the man doesn't seem to get a hell of a lot actually built in the clip, but we salute his dedication to metal all the same.

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