Hero comes up with solution to the 'dip you can't reach at the bottom of the jar' problem

Because a tortilla chip just won't cut it

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Sir David Attenborough may have suggested that humanity faces extinction due to population sizes, but there's a pressing problem out there, what to do about that last 4% of Marmite that gets stuck at the bottom of the jar?

For many years the knife/tortilla chip have proven readily available and moderately successful tools for scraping the remainder, but spread aficionados will know all too well the so-near-yet-so-far pain of the dip stuck just beneath the rim.

But salvation is here! Ron at Lift Tech Inc. has invented a reusable jar that can be pushed at the bottom to elevate the spread.

Yes, he's basically re-invented a cross between the Push Pop and those cylindrical toothpaste dispensers, but let's not p*ss on his parade, a parade he's cheerily-named 'Jar Invention Lifts It All!' on YouTube.

"I already eat all my food out of a caulk gun, doesn't everybody?" one Reddit user quipped in relation to the product's industrial design, but most were supportive of the dip-saver.

But how to gain investment in the invention? Crowdfunding may be the answer, given that the impracticality of getting spread out of jars is surely a massive food product manufacturer conspiracy to get you to buy more of it.