Image of Jesus spotted on pancake on Good Friday [plus nine other things that look like Jesus]

The Lord’s image was noticed by waitress in a Californian cafe - and on Good Friday no less

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A cafe in southern California was apparently paid a visit by Jesus on Good Friday after staff spotted a freshly cooked pancake with a pattern that resembled the traditional face of Christ.

On the morning Christians around the world marked the crucifixion of Jesus, a waitress at the Cowgirl Café in Norco, California looked down at the plate she was set to serve and notice the vague image of a bearded man had appeared.

Manager Karen Hendrickson said: “On Friday, April 18th at approximately 9:30 a.m., one of my employees came to me (I was in my office working) and told me that a pancake that was just cooked for an order had the face of Jesus on it.

“She brought her phone with her to show me. My first words to her before seeing the picture was, “You've got to be kidding me”, because I thought she was joking.

“But when she showed me the picture, I was totally amazed.”