Impatient dog presses car horn for 20 minutes as owners browse art gallery

Boxer Fern can be seen sounding the car horn in protest

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One dog's impatience has become a viral hit after the animal sounded a car horn for 20 minutes while her owners browsed an art gallery.

In video footage Fern, an 18-month-old boxer, could be seen in the driving seat of the car with her paw on the steering wheel as she repeatedly pressed the horn.

Fern had been left waiting inside the car as her owners perused the art gallery in Broughty Ferry, near Dundee in Scotland.

Graham Haddow said he and his wife were surprised to come out of the gallery and find a large crowd surrounding their vehicle.

“When I got closer I realised people were pointing and laughing and taking pictures. She gave me a sideways glance and just kept on going,” Mr Haddow told The Daily Mail.

“I think she is a bit of a diva. She just wants a bit of attention and she seems to have gotten her way this time... I might have to put something on the driver’s seat to stop her doing it again.”