In Denmark police let you use their car bonnets as a fun water slide

"Officers are ordinary people, it's all good," said police spokesperson

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In a 'police officers caught on camera' video that won't leave you feeling sad about humanity, Danish police are seen positioning their car to better enable kids to gleefully slide into a pool.

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Bringing a whole new meaning to the term "fun police", the officers are seen not only letting their vehicle be clambered upon, but actively helping the teens to achieve optimum slide off the hood.

The video was shot by a tourist visiting Amager Beach, a public park in Copenhagen at the edge of the Øresund strait.

The children line up to ride the makeshift slide, before the officer in the driver's seat decides it's probably time to back the car up and investigate crimes rather than heighten water-based teen hedonism.

"Police officers are ordinary people, and if it helps them have a good relationship with the kids, it’s all good," police spokesperson Thomas Kristensen told DR Nyheder.