International Happiness Day: 5 one-in-a-million moments that will raise a smile

A celebration of persistence

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Today is International Happiness Day, or if you're reading this at a later date, one of the 364 General Underwhelment Days we get the rest of the year, hooray!

In honour of this most prestigious of PR-approved days, we have decided to bring you not cute dogs, not beautiful landscapes but that most smile-inducing of things – one in a million shots.

1. Cyclist gets soft landing during road accident from mattress thrown by truck that hit him (incident at 0:20)

The stars really had to align for this one to take place. Not only did the object fall at just the right angle at precisely the right time, but it was a flipping mattress.

Admittedly though, 'Cyclist gets soft landing during road accident from box of watermelons thrown by truck that hit him' would have been an even better story.

2. The golf shot assist

Pedants might suggest this isn't a 'one in a million' so much as a 'one in hundreds of thousands' but whatever, the average human would have long since burnt through all their money at Top Golf before successfully completing this trick shot.

He strikes the ball in mid-air. Mid-air.

3. Wheel of Fortune contestant guesses 'NEW BABY BUGGY' from just the letters 'NE'

Seriously, how did he arrive at this phrase? Could they have chosen a more random, less commonly-used phrase?

Host Pat Sajak described it as the "most amazing solve in my 30+ years on the show".

4. Two shot trap catch

Clay pigeon shooting requires a steady hand and the eyes of a hawk.

But nail both discs before catching one of their broken halves and you may as well retire from the sport on a high.

5. Trampoline basketball trick shot (w/ flips)

The arrival of YouTube kickstarted an unofficial competition for anyone with too much time on their hands to concoct the most difficult basketball trick shot imaginable.

This one surely took thousands of attempts, and particular dedication given that it looks bloody freezing there.