Is this the worst on-hold music ever?

The clicking will never end.

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Whether it’s a lifeless, looping acoustic guitar riff or David Guetta and Sia's "Titanium", hold music has unique ability to make your blood curdle within about 15 seconds.

Be thankful you've never had the misfortune of waiting in a queue for an E-ZPass customer service operator however, where you'll be subjected to the sounds of harsh, a-rhythmic clicking.

One caller to the US electronic toll system who braved the 'music' posted a snippet of it on YouTube, writing alongside it: "Had to call E-ZPass today and this was what they had pumping through the phone while you are waiting to talk to somebody."

"You know that's probably some dude being paid to click his tongue and slap his cheeks into the phone.," one viewer wrote, with another adding cynically: "It's as if they don't want you to actually hold..."

Incidentally, if you want to avoid call queue horrors like this, there is now a service called Please Press 1 that allows you to bypass menu options for thousands of companies and get through to an actual human being.