Jurassic Park raptor scene has dinosaurs replaced with giant cats

Children flee in fear of massive cats

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Someone has gone to great lengths to interpolate cats into Jurassic Park's infamous raptor scene, with the humans seen being terrorised by the giant felines.

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The video could be a metaphor for how the internet continues to be overrun by cats, but is more like just a chance for people to squee with delight and point at the cute cats look at their little tails!

Jurassic Park-based funnies have been plentiful for some reason this week, with a song remixing Jeff Goldblum's weird laugh from the adventure film exploding on Soundcloud.

The 'melodica cover' of the theme song remains the most watched parody however, now having attracted over 4 million YouTube views after briefly being taken down by bad sports Universal last year.

The actual Velociraptor cage from Jurassic Park went on sale on eBay recently, selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The franchise returns on the big screen in the form of Jurassic World next year, with director Colin Trevorrow promising there will be a new 'badass' dinosaur, though presumably not a cat.