Free Money social experiment tests the 'kindness' and 'charity' of Manchester's residents - video

How 'kind' are the people of Manchester?

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What would you do if you saw £25 pound lying on the street underneath a message saying “for people in need only”.

A social experiment carried out in Manchester has tested just that, with the city’s residents, for the most part, showing their honesty and generosity.

In the social experiment to test “kindness and charity”, five £5 notes were attached to a board under a message that read “This money is people in need only”.

The three-minute clip shows the majority of Manchester residents staring at the sign and taking pictures of it, but with no one touching the “Free Money”.

In one case, two women are seen removing two of the £5 notes, but this is only so they can hand them to a nearby homeless man.

According to the women, the homeless man said he had been sat there all day but was too afraid to take the money.

Then in another show of goodwill, a man is filmed pinning an extra £5 note onto the sign.

However, the kindness and charity stops there, when two men are seen pocketing the remaining £20.

One woman confronts the men about their actions, but according to the film’s makers they laughed and walked off.

The video was the second “Free Money Experiment” carried out by the LADbible, with the first filming how people reacted to a bag that contained £10 in £1 coins.

Since it was uploaded onto the YouTube, it has gone viral with over 100,000 people viewing the video in just six days.