Barry Chuckle is the undisputed selfie master

Chuckle Brother has a side business dishing out selfies on Twitter

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Barry Elliot, Chuckle Brother and proponent of the to-ing and fro-ing method of getting an object from A to B, has quietly amassed a large following on Twitter thanks to his tremendous dedication to the selfie.

After posting dozens of photos of himself smiling in various unremarkable locations, fans began asking him to 'give them a selfie'.

Some were solicited for a moral boost:

Others were for good luck:

Some were simply for the sheer hell of it:

While some featured zoom:

Struggling to meet the selfie demand, Barry had to start using the same pic:

And eventually he was forced to dish out a universal selfie for the masses:

Barry emerges as the most cheerful selfie taker, though not the most prolific.