'Everybody knows sh*t f*ck' is the only dance move you need

Berlin synth-popper starts dance revolution

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Forget the Duggie and the twerk, the only shape you need to be cutting at the office Christmas party this year is Stephen Paul Taylor's 'Everybody Knows Sh*t F*ck' side-step.

It was debuted in an Instagram video last week, which sees a keyboard player – all limbs and metallic clothing – busting it as a sort of interpretive dance about his frustration with the government.

He's actually saying "Everybody knows sh*t's f*cked", which makes slightly more sense, but isn't nearly as funny as the way the utterance sounds, leading to the meme's 'Everybody knows sh*t f*ck' christening.

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Claiming to be "quite possibly the most notorious keyboard player in all of Berlin," SPT has since revealed that the song is about a system that's "creating another Pearl Harbor / killing its own kind" and follows on from other tracks he's written about 9/11.

Everybody knows sh*t's f*cked, and really who could doubt it when the man side-steps with such conviction?

Update: Here's your full-length EDM remix: