Genderless gingerbread figures are a thing now

Vegan organic genderless gingerbread figures, mind

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For too long gingerbread men have adhered to outdated images of masculinity.

That bow tie of privilege, those buttons that scream entitlement, that sh*t-eating grin that seems to say "I am man and I will crush you with my gingery fists".

Fortunately, a bakery in Melbourne, Australia has righted things, and for A$2.50 (about £1.30) you can buy genderless ones for your children that allow them to make up their own minds about identity rather than taking the lead from baked goods like usual.

What's more, they are organic and vegan too, so this is really a cookie you can eat with peace of mind that its deliciousness is coming at a cost to no-one (except maybe the pride of gingers?)

A photo of the new range, which look a bit miserable and appear to have simply one, gender neutral jammy button, was posted on Reddit alongside the words "So this is what the world is coming to…"

We're surely now only days away from seeing a Mx. Potatohead hit toy stores.