Imitating notification sounds is the best subtle prank

Man perfectly replicates Facebook tones to friend's annoyance

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Along with quizzes, Pokemon and Seinfeld quotes, pranks are a relic from the 90s that have come back with a vengeance in the twenteens

Most revolve around horrifying hoaxes like the 'devil baby' or alarmingly primal stunts like setting your friend on fire, but sometimes it' the simplest ones that are the best.

A Vine that has now been viewed more than 4.5 million times since it was posted last week sees Swede Manfred Hanberg imitating the various notification sounds that emit from smartphones.

His friend, quietly playing PlayStation nearby, is fooled time and time again by the various tones, which include the buzz of a Whatsapp and jingle of a text message.

The impression of Facebook's new notification sound is the most impressive however, produced with a little help from an empty glass.

Hanberg's friend, who shouts "va fan!" after being fooled a fourth time (a Swedish expression of frustration), shows just how obsessed we have all become with checking in with friends and how we're increasingly unable to watch a TV show, play a game or perform most tasks without ducking out to scroll a news feed.