Insouciant drug deal goes down in the background of live TV news report

Being on live TV didn't faze him

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Parks have long been the stomping ground of drug dealers, offering clear views of the surrounding area in case there are police nearby or, you know, entire camera crews.

A Fox25 reporter in Massachusetts was innocently going through the rigmarole of a fairly dull weather story on live TV when two men in black coats in the back of the shot walked towards each other, traded approximately three words, exchanged something, and walked off in separate directions.

It can't be verified exactly what was bought and sold obviously, but the news anchors back in the studio clearly had an inkling, trying to supress laughter as the reporter handed back over.

Local news stations have been pure gold this year, an Alaskan one memorably having one of its reporters dramatically declare "F*ck it, I quit" and walk out of shot to go and become a pro-marijuana legalisation lobbyist.