Kim Kardashian talks pumpkins in that Paper interview surrounding the naked photos no-one actually read

Article tries to 'get to the bottom of her appeal' wink wink

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Kim Kardashian's interview in Paper magazine was published today, an afterthought to those nude pictures that, if not breaking the internet, certainly made it strain under the weight of memes yesterday.

It's a fascinating oddity, bringing to mind Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions, in which protagonist Kilgore Trout would get his surreal sci-fi novels published in porn magazines simply because they needed something, anything, to fill the holes around the images that readers were there for.

As expected the interview didn't prove hugely edifying, though there were a few choice quotes:

"I couldn't really pick out our pumpkins, and [North] couldn't really enjoy it," - Kim on how celebrity diminishes the enjoyment of pumpkins.

"I like all different apps" - on her favourite app.

"All my friends tell me the world could be coming to an end, and I'm always so calm," - on the existentialist source of her Zen-like passivity.

"I'm not really a filter person" – On whether or not to give your selfies a vintage burnt tinge.

"I know what I wore, what accessories I wore, where I was, who I was with. I remember everything." - On developing photographic memory through selfies.

"You just have to not care. You just have to say, 'This is our life, and it is what it is.'" – On  how terrible it is to be filthy rich.

"I think you've seen every side of me on my show" - on the rich complexity of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

"I don't think so..." on whether Kim Kardashian would exist without social media.