Man caught secretly being a fan of inane Dutch pop stops clapping and pretends to be enjoying beer

Too late dude, you were vibing out.

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A man's guilty pop pleasure was unearthed live on TV this week when cameras caught him gleefully clapping along to Snollebollekes' "Bam Bam (Bam)", his reaction was priceless.

The carnaval song was a bizarre hit in the Netherlands over the summer, but apparently not something to publically admit to.

An audience member at a live rendition of the track abandoned his support of it with Tomasz Schafernaker-esque swiftness when TV cameras were pointed at him, immediately ceasing his clapping.

Abandon these male stereotypes, unidentified man, you don't need to be pretending to be drinking beer you enjoy your sassy pop!

Obligatory GIF:

The song's music video is here, if you were curious, along with a translation of its lyrics courtesy of Reddit below:

Ik weet ook niet hoe het komt, maar het komt vast door uw kont

I don't know why, but it's surely about your ass

Draai dat ding maar in het rond, ik wil vanavond bam bam bam

Turn that thing around, tonight let's go bam bam bam

Draai om, door uw knieën naar de grond

Turn around, with your knees to the ground

Gij het vuurtje ik de lont, de hele nacht van bam

You're the fire and im the fuse, the entire night like bam bam bam