Santa, what kind of date is this?


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Christmas signage wasn't thought all the way through at a mall in Wisconsin this year, where a notice advertising a 'date with Santa' was placed in front of a double bed.

The red linen and white valance was obviously supposed to be festive, but juxtaposed with the sign looks kind of seedy and louche, suggesting santa's sack might be filled with more than jus - NO, I'll leave the jokes to you.

A passer-by posted a picture of the display on Reddit, where he explained the bed was part of a 'Wake Up Santa' event, a mall-based American tradition in which children help Mrs. Claus wake up Santa so he can start making presents/slink off to Jamba Juice.

Still, it's incredible whoever put the sign in front of it didn't make the connection, though it isn't the most ill-conceived bit of marketing this year, that goes to Tesco's oddly-shaped Buttermilk cartons.