'The Same Photo of Jim Carrey Everyday' Facebook page is posting the same photo of Jim Carrey, every day

The photo is only getting more popular through repetition

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A Facebook page that exclusively posts one picture of Jim Carrey daily has attracted over 60,000 loyal followers.

It's not a remarkable picture of Jim Carrey, you could even say it's an everyday picture of Jim Carrey, every day.

It sees him smiling against a blue background presumably on a red carpet, with all others cropped out to focus attention on his cheerful visage, and has been reliably getting about 7,000 Likes each day (and growing).

Is it an appreciation of Jim Carrey? Is it a comment on the homogeneity of Facebook posts? No-one knows, the About section only promises: "We can guarantee you get the same photo of Jim Carrey everyday."

Followers have been getting meta in the comments section, posting 'spot the difference' composites of the same photo and parodying the 'Who's that Pokemon?' meme.

The page isn't a million miles from Duck of the Day, another very simplistic but popular Facebook that just posts a daily picture of a nice-looking duck.