This pig just loves to surf

GoPro captures pig's-eye-view of surfing session

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Dogs' penchant for surfing is pretty well known by this point, but it seems pigs possess a nascent ability to ride a wave too, with a pig in Hawaii frequently going out on his owner's board and even helping keep it balanced.

Kama the pig serves as the mascot for Sandy Beach Park on the island of Oahu, having first got involved in the sport when owner Kai Holt noticed what a strong swimmer he was when his pet fell in a swimming pool.

"He came into our life at less than a week old, he's the cutest thing ever," Kai explained in a video for GoPro.

"He fell in the pool one day and started swimming. I was like 'oh he can swim - guarantee he can surf'.

"He followed me into the water, jumped onto the board, " paddled out and he got his first wave - everybody was tripping."

"It's pretty funny to watch," Kai continued. "Like, he knows what he's doing, when we start curling he'll back up and let the nose up out the water and when we start levelling off again he'll go straight back to the nose.

"His hooves just lock right in on the board, if you look at his board you'll see all the hoof prints on the nose."

Kama wipes out at one point in the video, but undeterred swims back to shore before going for another run at the waves.