What we miss most about the 90s: Mix tapes, pen pals and photos on film top poll

More than 2,000 people were asked what they missed most about the decade

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On the day that technology fans were poring over details of the new iPhone 6, a study revealed many adults are still pining for cassettes and photos taken with film cameras.

A list of 90s nostalgia showed that many people miss more simple gadgets, terrestrial television and the days of thank you notes.

Making cassette recordings of the radio charts came top of the poll, with 40 per cent of adults saying they missed their mix tapes, followed by having pen pals and watching the now defunct Top of the Pops.

Buying singles on cassette or vinyl also made the list, along with waiting for film photos to be developed, Saturday night television with the family and renting videos from the local shop.

Many people surveyed also longed for the time before mobile phones, when you made plans that could not be changed at the last minute with a quick text or call.

The research, using a survey of 2,000 people, revealed that many parents wish their children could have the experiences they did two decades ago.

Disney commissioned the study to launch a new children’s television show called Girl Meets World.