#LittleMoneyBigFun: Not-so rich kids of Instagram create hilarious spoof photos

The rich kids of Instagram may have stacks of cash, but their posts are nowhere near as inventive as these parodies

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Money might make the world go round, but it doesn’t make you happy or funny – at least according to a hilarious ad campaign lampooning the notorious ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ page.

The bloggers behind the Rich Kids of Instagram Tumblr curate the most outrageous photos posted by the mega-rich on the popular social media app, who flaunt their wealth to their thousands of followers.

High-end designer clothing, private jets, supercars and luxurious holidays are staples on the website.


Now, as part of a clever advertising campaign for KFC by market agency MRM Romania, young Romanians are sharing parodies of the Rich Kids of Instagram snaps, alongside the hashtag #distractiepebaniputini, or #littlemoneybigfun in English.

A ginger moggy climbs across the dashboard of an average car. (KFC Romania)

One of the hilarious images lampoons a bizarre photo of what appears to be a tiger inside a Ferarri, with a ginger moggy climbing across a dashboard.

Another shows a wealthy woman covered in banknotes on the left, while the satirical shot on the right shows a man showered in coins.