London Underground passengers fooled by a prank video showing Father's Day reunion

The father tells his son he 'wishes he was never born', and pays for his remarks in an unusual way...

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Passengers on a packed London Underground carriage were left struggling to know where to look when they were pranked by a teenager pretending to meet his estranged dad before Father’s Day. 

The video by the Trollstation YouTube channel shows prankster Stines Crimes pretending to confront his father as travellers pretend not to notice.

“Dad, I know you saw me on the platform dad," Stines tells the man.

Quickly becoming angry, his father shouts: “Is this a joke? What’re you doing?” and accuses Stines of stalking him.

“I thought that we could perhaps get some drinks,” Stines suggests. Tugging at passengers' heartstrings, he then lists major life events his father is missing out on, including his 18th birthday and his plans to transition from female to male.

“I don’t care if you’re turning 18! We’re not going out. We’re not getting no drinks,” his heartless father replies.

Trying to win him over, Stines pleads “I love you though dad,” to which he callously replies: “I wish you wasn’t even born.”

But passengers soon realise the scene is an act and begin to laugh when Darth Vader gets on the train and uses the power of the force against Stines’ dad.

“Stines, I am your father,” he says before turning his lightsaber onto other actors who drop to the floor.