Man with no arms hits 24mm Cheez-It cracker with bow and arrow from 100m away - video

Stutzman won an archery silver medal at the London Paralympics in 2012

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Imagine being able to hit a target no bigger than a button with a bow and arrow from over 100m away.

Now, imagine being able to do all of that without any arms.

That is exactly what expert archer Matt Stutzman did when Kellogs, the company that makes the popular American Cheez-Its crackers, asked him to take on the challenge that required him to hit one of the crackers with an arrow from 100m away. Using only his feet, the man who describes himself as the “Inspirational Archer” was successful, and managed to hit the 26mm by 24mm target with only his fourth attempt.

If that was not impressive enough, Stutzman not only showed viewers how a man with no arms hits a Cheez-It with an arrow, but also how they eat one by taking one of the crackers out of the packet with his foot, tossing it up into the air and then catching it in his mouth.

Stutzman was born with no arms due to a medical condition that could not be explained by doctors.

At the age of 16 he was given his first bow and arrow and quickly mastered it. In 2012, he made the USA Paralympic team and won a silver medal at the London Games.

He Facebook says his aim in life is to become the best archer in the world.