Meet Laura, the chameleon that loves to pop bubbles - video

'That video might be the best thing that happened to me all week'

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Internet, we may have a winner for the weirdest, cutest and funniest animal video.

This week, Twitter user Nick DeBakey, with the handle @voemas, uploaded a video of his pet chameleon, Laura. Now, having a pet chameleon is highly unusual in the first place, but the short 26-second clip depicted something even more bizarre.

Laura is perched on what is presumably Nick's hand when she leans up into the air and begins trying to catch various bubbles that are being blown into her direction. As Laura's claw like feet snap at the bubble and try to burst them, Nick can be heard saying, "Pop! Pop! Pop the bubbles! Good girl, get them!"

The video that DeBakey tweeted on July 16 has received over 5,000 retweets and over 6,000 favourites.

One commentator on Twitter said, "That video might be the best thing that happened to me all week."

Talking to The Independent about Laura, DeBakey, who comes from Jacksonville, North Carolina, said, "A lot of my friends like Laura because they've never seen or held a chameleon in person. So I just posted the video for my friends to see and the next thing I knew it had over one thousand retweets and it just kept growing and growing.

"My mum was blowing bubbles and I just noticed they caught Laura's eye. So I got her closer to them and she just instinctively wanted to pop them."

Laura seems unperturbed by her rising internet stardom, as seen by a recent picture taken of her:

Video courtesy of Nick @voemas