World stunned as Miley Cyrus goes fully-clothed in latest Instagram photo

Singer stuns with not even the tiniest bit of skin on show

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Miley Cyrus threatened to break the internet or something similarly hyperbolic today when she departed from her usual naked Instagram photos to take a selfie with her clothes on.

Miley wore a white hoodie and a necklace in the determinedly un-sultry snap, as Benjamin Franklin looked on less disapprovingly than usual from a stack of hundred dollar bills.

Yesterday, the singer proved once for all (or at least until the next time it's noted) that she isn't Hannah Montana anymore by uploading Polaroids of herself completely naked and covered in bath foam which were published in V Magazine this week.

"order yurrrr copy nowwwww cumzzzz w ol school pull out postahhhh photography by @cheythom fuck yaaaas weez a bunch of happy hippies ova hurrrr! Muah Vfam!" she wrote alongside them (no dolphin available to translate at press time).

A second picture from the hoodie selfie shoot showed that Miley was perhaps naked from the waist down however, so there's still room for her to shock more with extensively clothed pics.