Modern society encapsulated in five seconds

Misery in Missouri

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The relationship between pedestrians isn't what it used to be. Gone are the days of dothing one's cap, wishing passers-by a good morning and maybe even enquiring a little as to what sort of day they're having.

Most niceties have now been dispensed with, in favour of concerns about personal space, barging and regarding strangers like coiled snakes.

This wonderfully succinct exchange about sums it up (strong language).

There's some debate over which $uper Save Foods (sounds like the hottest rap star of 2015) the incident took place at, leading theories being one in Texas or Missouri.

It's a vignette we can all relate to however. She is the person shoving on the Tube. The driver cutting you up on motorways.

I hope the lady managed to find a cigarette eventually, lord knows what terrible fate must have befallen you when you find yourself drinking a two-litre bottle of Mountain Dew before midday.