Mormon multiple choice sexuality survey asks 'Are you heterosexual, or heterosexual?'

'Gay' is not an option

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Mormon leaders have issued a survey omitting 'Gay' as answer to the question 'What is your sexual orientation?'

ForThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, sexuality isn't a spectrum nor even a binary case of gay and straight, no, there is only heterosexual but struggling with same-sex attraction and heterosexual but not struggling with same sex attraction in their eyes.

The confidential survey was handed out to Brighton Young University students in the US, in the hope of understanding more about Millenials' attitudes to "same-sex attraction" (through the prism of their own ignorance, apparently).

It was issued by Michael Colemere, the Managing Director of the church, according to The New Civil Rights Movement which obtained a copy, and begins by asking fairly basic, non-loaded questions about whether respondents 'enjoy participating in new situations,' are 'open to new ideas and experiences,' and 'often set the trends in [their] social circle.'

As for the question 'What is your sexual orientation' however, the options are:

'I am heterosexual, but I struggle with same-sex attraction.'

'I am heterosexual and do not struggle with same-sex attraction.'

Or a cursory:

'Other, please specify.'

The church's failure to recognise 'gay' as a legitimate sexuality comes in spite of it setting up a website called 'Mormons and Gays'.