Mother leaves son, 27, over a dozen notes on how to house-sit before she goes on holiday

One warns her son he may "never escape" the upstairs bathroom

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When a mother left her 27-year-old son over a dozen notes telling him how to house sit – including one warning of the dangers of the upstairs toilet – she probably didn’t expect for them to be shared across the world online.

But when Martyn Het, a PR executive from Stockport, Greater Manchester, saw the 13 notes his mother left him, he couldn’t resist sharing a photo of them on Facebook.

“Who knew house sitting could be so complicated? Thanks for the notes mum,” he wrote, after he saw the messages his mother, named Figen, wrote him before she went away to Turkey.

One noted headed “Top floor toilet” warned against using it to “do a No. 2”.

“Also don’t lock that door – YOU MANY NEVER ESCAPE!!!!” the note ominously read.

In another note referencing his “evil” family cat Misty, she wrote: “Balcony door in your bedroom. Be careful with the cat!”

Het told the MailOnline that he thinks his mother left the stack of messages because he had thrown house parties in the past, with 150 turning up at to one bash when he was 15.

“I'm obviously a responsible adult and have my own flat, but when I've house-sat for her in the past I would have parties and end up in trouble,” he said.