Motorcyclist rams into the back of a car and lands on his feet…on the roof

Video: Is it a freak accident, a planned stunt or just a fake?

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For anyone keen on capturing the bizarre, sticking a camera onto your dashboard seems like a good start.

Just last month, a Russian driver filmed the moment a petrol tanker driver had an unbelievable escape after his truck collided with a lorry on a motorway, causing a huge explosion.

Now, a Belarussian driver has caught a similarly unbelievably scene; less an everyday accident than a freak stunt.

Filmed in Mogilyev in Eastern Belarus, the footage shows a car driving along a motorway when a car in the right lane ahead indicates to move into the left lane. As the car does so, a motorbike zooms into view and does not notice the car indicating in front.

The motorcyclist hits the back of the moving car with an almighty thump, eliciting screams from people in the car behind who are watching the incident unfold.

However, the moment of impact causes the motorcyclist to flip forwards in the air and land on his feet on the roof of the car he has just hit, seemingly safe while his bike lies mangled on the road below.

The car with the motorcyclist on top of it comes to a halt a while later.

The extremely fortunate nature of the crash has led many viewers to argue that the video is a fake or perhaps even a real planned stunt.

One commentator, evidently noting the plethora of Russian car accidents on the internet, asked, “Is everybody in Russia, like, required to own a dash cam or something?“