Mystery surrounds shrine left in Nottingham street featuring milk, sugar, photo and half a brick

One local resident was baffled by the purpose of the strange memorial

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A bizarre 'shrine' featuring a brick, a pint of milk and a vintage photograph, has appeared on the streets of Nottingham for apparently no reason.

The unusual scene was discovered by local man Paul Yeomans, who took a photo of it on Wednesday afternoon.

The 'shrine' is made up of a pint of milk, half a brick, an opened bag of sugar and an old picture of a woman, its gold frame propped up on two more bricks.

It could well be litter, but it seems too artfully arranged for that. Perhaps it's in memory of a loved one who enjoyed baking and bricks. Maybe it's something altogether more sinister.

Whatever the explanation, Nottingham residents would do well to keep an eye out for the enigmatic shrine-builder in future.