Nearly naked woman glues herself to store window in Croydon to 'defend refugees'

Kay Bishop staged the one woman protest because she is fed up of the way refugees and the police are treated

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An almost naked woman wearing a sash which read "world’s grumpiest old woman 2015" glued herself to a department store window in Croydon, south London this week.

Kay Bishop staged a one woman protest - wearing only the sash, a thong and a pubic wig - by gluing her bottom to a Debenhams store window.

The police were called but she later removed herself.

Speaking to the the Croydon Advertiser she said did it to "defend migrants and the police".

She said: "I'm doing it because I don't like the way the world's going, there are some real serious issues going on and no one's doing anything about it. It's not the little stuff, it's the big stuff.

"Like everyone else, I shout at the telly but I'm fed up of shouting at the telly.

"We are one planet and we should let everyone go wherever there is land. Everyone, America, Canada, Australia, they should all be taking migrants in. We should as well. No one should have to live in a war-torn country."

Ms Bishop, 56, said she used to work as a strip-o-gram so she does not mind being naked in public and she did not believe her appearance was offensive.

She said:"My outfit isn't offensive, I'm wearing a merkin and a bra with some nipples painted on it – that's not offensive."

Ms Bishop says she is now planning to take her unique form of protest on tour around the country.