Lava used to grill steaks - video

The volcano style grill can reach temperatures up to 1,100C

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“Rare? medium? Or well Done?”

“I’ll have mine volcano grilled please.”

Two teachers at Syracuse University in New York have come up with a novel new way to grill their steaks, by using molten lava.

Geologist Jeff Karson and sculptor Bob Wysocki have worked together for four years on the university’s Lava Project, a scheme that brings scientific experiments and sculpture based on and around lava flow to the public.

Other projects saw the pair create a video earlier this year that showed what happened when Lava meets ice.

The latest project saw both men delve into the world of cuisine by placing steaks over the flowing lava.

And according to the pair, it is a far quicker, if less predictable, way of getting steak cooked.

While most ovens cannot go above 400C (750F), the volcano-style grill can reach 1,100C.

Writing under the video on Vimeo, Wysocki said: “Second time cooking over the stuff; burned a few things, but overall it is fantastic! “

And do not worry, for those of you that like their steak a bit less well done, Wysocki has promised that they are getting better at the technique and working on ways to get a rarer steak in the future.