An obese hedgehog, weighing in at nearly three times the average weight of a wild hedgehog is going on a diet.

Jabba is on a strict diet of liquefied dog food, having been overfed by his previous owner.

He had grown so large, Jabba was unable to curl into a spiky ball and therefore easy prey in the wild.

Upon arrival at the Oak and Furrows wildlife rescue centre, near Swindon, the hedgehog earned unflattering names like Hogzilla and Mr Piggywinkle.

Star Wars fan and animal carer Darren Squires eventually settled on Jabba.

It is hoped he will lose over a kilogram to hit his target weight of 650 grams (1.4 pounds) before being released back into the wild.

It was so far so good on Monday when his latest weigh-in showed he's already down to 1.67kg (3.6 Ibs).

No longer scoffing mealworms, his portion controlled diet has already seen him lose so much weight he can now roll into a ball.

Additional reporting by AP