One of life's great mysteries answered: Can I put my trousers on without using my hands?

YouTuber impresses two million people with 40-second video

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This video is basically a dare. “Can you put your trousers on without using your hands,” the man might as well taunt.

Instead, he spends 40 seconds silently showing thousands of people at home how inflexible they are.

It’s an impressive video yet the premise and set-up is so simple.

It has already managed to get over two million hits since being uploaded by the user 'Now' on 28 June.

Comments on the YouTube video range from: “I see stuff like this and realise how talentless I truly am. There are people who can even put their pants on better than me,” to the obscene: “I wanna see him do that with his underwear!”

If we had a plush pad like that maybe we’d also utilise the space for random such activities.