Owners of cat dubbed 'ball of fury' call police after creature would not let them leave bedroom

Police officers gently called the cat's name to calm it down

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Two women in the US state of California were forced to call the police, after their domestic cat – known by neighbours as a “ball of fury” - trapped them inside a bedroom.

A woman and her adult daughter called 911 on Tuesday to report that they had become victims of a feline siege because their cat tried to attack them each time they tried to leave, police officers in Chula Vista, San Diego Country told  KGTV-TV.

While taming the feline named Cuppy would have usually been a matter for animal control, Chula Vista Police Department attended the scene because they were in the area with no pressing calls.

To calm the cat, the officials softly called its name, and managed to coax the creature out of the house and into the garden.

Cuppy has been the family’s pet for 14 years, but is notorious for becoming agitated when stray cats stalk its yard, ABC 10 reported.

Speaking outside the home, while apparently brandishing a broom in case the cat came her way, neighbour Karen Yarger told the TV station: “He's just a ball of fury.”

The incident comes after a family in Portland, Oregan, became trapped in a family bedroom when a 22-pound (10 kg) house cat called Lux attacked a baby.