Picture of a coffin-carrying hearse trying to 'visit KFC and Starbucks' posted on Twitter

Twitter user Craig Davies said the driver gave up and moved on to Starbucks

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The driver of hearse carrying a coffin has allegedly been spotted attempting to place an order at a drive-through fast-food restaurant.

Twitter user Craig Davies tweeted a photo at around 10.20am on Tuesday apparently showing the driver trying to enter the KFC drive-through.

He posted the hashtag “#itswhathewouldhavewanted” alongside the image.

According to Mr Davies, the driver of the hearse was forced to abandon their attempt to buy from the fast-food chain  because their vehicle was too wide.

Mr Davies reportedly told The Metro that the driver instead visited a nearby branch of the coffee shop Starbucks, perhaps because it had a wider entrance for vehicles.

While some users have questioned whether the photo was staged, Mr Davies said it truly shows a hearse in a drive-through, and has expressed his disbelief.

Mr Davies is yet to respond to enquiries surrounding where the branches of KFC and Starbucks are located.