Pit bull puppy shows how you can overcome a fear of doorways

Video: Queso isn't like other pit bulls...

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Pit bulls usually have a reputation as vicious dogs with a long history of violent altercations with humans.

However, one pit bull called Queso is not quite as formidable as the rest of his breed. The young puppy is afraid of kitchen floors, printers and...doorways. So much so that Queso has had to devise an ingenious and stylish way of entering rooms.

Video of Queso shows the puppy approaching a doorway, turning around and then moonwalking his way into the room. The entrance technique is not a fluke: the video shows Queso entering doorways backwards on numerous ocassions.

Queso's owner, Rhiannon Hamam, describes Queso as a "great, happy pup" with just a few insecurities.