Police chase lost Highland cow wandering the streets in Sheffield

Three police cars were seen following the animal for 'public safety'

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Officers in Sheffield have brought a new meaning to the term “police chase” with a high-profile pursuit of a cow.

The shaggy Highland cow took to the roads in the Manor Top area on Monday, showing little heed to traffic as it wandered down the carriageway.

Police officers tweeted their efforts to catch it, saying the animal was being followed “for public safety”.

But after an hour of the chase, the cow was still on the loose.

A tweet from the Manor Castle Safer Neighbourhoods Team read: “Cow containment is still ongoing. Us urban officers aren't equipped for this type of thing!”

The cow, with large distinctive horns, had been spotted more than a mile away the night before and it is not clear where it came from or how it escaped.

Witnesses said three police cars were following the animal on Monday afternoon and it was caught by 5pm with "no harm done", according to a spokesman for South Yorkshire Police.

Here's how it happened...