Reddit user finds livestream of Dutch roundabout, pranksters soon take over

The livestream quickly stopped being boring when Reddit picked it up...

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When a Reddit user found a live stream of a Dutch roundabout and shared it on the website, they likely didn’t expect to make a simple traffic junction go viral or to spark a slew of silly pranks.

Captured by a camera positioned high above the roundabout in Purmerend, around 20km from the capital of Amsterdam, the footage simply shows the comings and goings on the unremarkable four-lane junction.

However, a day after Reddit user Damindenie shared the somehow intriguingly uneventful live stream, as many as 2,000 people could be found watching at any given time. Soon, local Redditors couldn’t resist but make the footage more eventful.

One local shared a video of himself standing in the middle of the roundabout and waving at the camera.

But as is the way with the internet, the pranks quickly became less vanilla, and the police were alerted when a Redditor daubed homophobic slurs on the roundabout, the Next Web reported.

Others seized users’ attention to plug their website, while one Redditor performed jumping jacks in the centre of the roundabout before reportedly being questioned by police.

Ellen Pao, the beleaguered former Reddit, CEO who resigned after thousands of fans of the website petitioned against her, also got a mention, and saw her name scrawled in chalk alongside the crass "d*ckbutt" meme.

The image was soon washed off, as police patrolled the area, according to Next Web.

However, as thousands of people are still drawn by the stream, more shenanigans are likely.