Russian pensioner endures four mile journey after getting stuck in carriage doors

Train driver failed to notice he had trapped elderly passenger before he left the station outside Moscow

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A Russian pensioner endured a terrifying four mile train journey after getting her head stuck in the carriage doors.

CCTV footage recorded screaming Ilona Shubina, 61, caught between two carriage doors after the train driver failed to realise he had trapped her.

The pensioner’s head, part of her torso and one leg was pinned outside when she attempted to exit the train in Dmitrovskaya station, near Moscow, and the doors unexpectedly snapped shut.

She endured nearly four miles with her head outside the carriage before being freed at the next station when the train pulled in.

One eye witness said: “I was on the platform when the train came in – it was certainly an odd sight and it looked like it was causing the lady some pain.”

“I’m shocked that no one on the train had offered to help her,” the eye witness said to the Mirror.

Russian police are investigating how the horrific event occurred.

A spokesperson said: “We are now investigating events and have already interviewed the train driver who says that he did not see the trapped passenger as he shut the doors and pulled away from the station.”